Using a SSD Drive in a FOG server

  • I wondered if this would improve deployment times. Has anyone tried it? Is it worth it

  • I think the only improvement would be seen under high usage, like simultaneous unicast deployments. And even then, you’d only see that increase if you have more than a 1Gbps network link to the server. You’d need 10Gbps to see the difference, otherwise you will cap at 1Gbps which is already filled completely by mechanical drives with 3 simultaneous unicast deployments.

  • Yep, was using a 1TB Samsung 850 Pro and it worked great in an Optiplex GX620.

  • Moderator

    The client (cpu & disk) and image compression selection has the majority of the impact on deployment times. Putting ssd drives in the client will help more with deployment times than in the FOG server.

    What are you seeing (GB/min) on your current unicast deployment?

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    My guess is it would help under load, but otherwise performance wouldn’t matter much (assuming you have quality hard drives currently), because the speed is generally limited by link speed and target client speed (both CPU and HDD speed are huge here)

    I run a FOG server with a regular (refurbished even) HDD and deploying to a quadcore with SSD gets around 10GB/min, whereas a HDD tends to top out around 7/8 GB/Min. Low quality HDDs get a bit less and clients with low power CPUs (think 6 year old celerons) get maybe 1/2 GB/Min