Getting so frustrated with FOG...

  • After installing and having FOG Trunk working without much hassle in Ubuntu 14.04, I left it at that for a while. Then I ran into issues with Ubuntu being somewhat unstable, even though it was not modified in any way other than what was in the user guide.

    In an attempt to install FOG on a more recommend OS (CentOS 7), I followed the guide found here:

    Unfortunately, it has not been such an easy task. As someone who doesn’t use Linux much, the guide doesn’t cover that CentOS disables the network card by default. What is most annoying is that FOG install seems to fail at “installing package: mysql”. Apparently in CentOS, mysql is not in the CentOS repositories. MariaDB is, but even with that installed, it fails at the mysql install.

    Are the install guides just outdated, or is FOG meant to be mostly a “build on your own” project?

  • @george1421 I prefer /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-xxx now after I learned more. Before that yes I clung to the cli graphical tool for dear life.

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    @Wayne-Workman There is a command line utility for configuring the network adapter too. I just can’t remember it off the top of my head. I typically just brute force change the setting in the /etc/sysconf/network-scripts directory to what I want. But the cli menu program works pretty good too.

    [edit] its nmtui and here is a howto

  • I’ll make a note in the CentOS 7 article about needing to configure the network, I don’t want to go beyond that.

    I stayed away from including “every single step” in the instructions because stuff changes too fast to try to keep documented. For example, the license agreement for early centos 7 used to be graphical post-reboot. Now it’s CLI. Stuff in the fog installer changed hourly for two years - therefore there are instructions to start it and after that they just say “follow onscreen instructions”.

    However, you can of course enable and configure the interface after the OS is installed.

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    I can tell you that fog is not a build on your own project. I understand moving from the windows world to the linux world is a bit like moving to a remote country and trying to understand the language. I can say the last time I installed FOG it ran pretty smoothly. I’m going to spin up a new centos 7.2 instance in my lab to confirm that the installer still works as expected. With both Ubuntu 14.04 and Centos 7 the install should be smooth and solid.