Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Surface Docking Station - Unable to get boot file

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    @Wayne-Workman Do you think we have enough discrete bits of information to make a wiki page on the surface pro 4? As these devices become more popular I can see the volume of quesitons increase. Having one location (you look here->) would add real value from a support perspective.

  • It’s possible to configure the very latest version of dnsmasq to work with UEFI in proxy mode, but the very latest isn’t available in mainstream repositories yet, you’d have to get it and install it manually. I’ve not messed with the configuration for this yet, but others have and it’s here on the forums.

    The file /tftpboot/ipxe7156.efi works with Surface pros. You could configure the very latest dnsmasq to serve this to UEFI machines. Or, you could properly setup your DHCP server to serve all the needed files to all the needed architectures via this article:

    And others have said, there are a lot of threads on the Surface Pro here on the forums. Just search for them. Try to read through one of the more recent ones. Follow posted links, too.

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    @kwetiaw it never failed. You just need to hit the enter key on the keyboard.

  • @george1421 Hi george,

    I did search the forum and yes you are right, there are plenty topics about surface pro 4. but I still cant make sense some of it. some require to add has_usb_nic=1 which I have added on the host i created manually. I managed to get a copy of the factory image by using clonezilla and with external USB keyboard.

    so should I still need to boot from USB?

    @Tom-Elliott I will try upgrading to RC 10 tomorrow. So, that information sd 0:0:0:0 [sda] No Caching mode page found
    . will it eventually proceed? I did follow an instruction to add has_usb_nic=1 from one of the forum post.

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    I’d also recommend updating to RC 10. The message you are showing is not an error. It will only present that message if the host it’s registered at has has_usb_nic=1 in the host kernel args or the global kernel args have the same

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    Please search the FOG Project forums. There are several threads on this pxe booting surface pro 4. You can pxe boot these guys but you need to send the uefi kernel to them not the bios (legacy) pxe boot kernel. I think there was also a thread about the keyboard not working with the current FOG kernel, but if you use an external usb keyboard you can move past this issue.

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