Intermittent failure to expand ext4 filesystem to fill disk

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    I’m running FOG 1.2.0 on Debian Jessie, and deploying an xubuntu 16.04 image to Lenovo E550 laptops with a 460Gb HDD

    My image is created on a VMWare VM and is a 20Gb disk, with two partitions /dev/sda1 (root) of 12Gb and /dev/sda2 (swap) of 8Gb

    I see no errors reported during deployment, but approximately 60% of the time the filesystem fails to expand to make use of the whole disk

    I get success or failure regardless of whether I delete a Host, re-register it from scratch, and deploy directly from the registration process, or whether I create a new task to deploy to an already existing host.

    Yesterday I depl;oyed 5 times to the same laptop, and the filesystem was expanded successfully on only two of those attempts, and on another laptop with the same image, it worked twice out of four attempts.

    Obviously this can be fixed by booting with a GParted USB stick, but as it seems to be intermittent, I feel that there is a bug somewhere, or at least a failure to report that the resizing of /dev/sda1 has failed

    I have seen others with similar issues, but they seem to be having problems with SVN versions, whereas I am using the stable release.

    The image is definitely set correctly as Single Disk / Resizable and there seems to be no rhyme or reason for whether it either succeeds or fails.


  • @Dommason01 said in Intermittent failure to expand ext4 filesystem to fill disk:

    I assume that I won’t lose all my registered hosts, and my images will still be valid?


    I’ll do a mysql backup anyway, first…

    Always a good idea, and I’d always recommend this. But also the installer makes a DB backup, and puts it into /home/fogDBbackups

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Not yet, I was hoping to run in debug mode on 1.2.0 and see if I could see some reason for the failure, with the thought that it might be useful to you…

    I’ll git clone the latest trunk, and install that.

    I assume that I won’t lose all my registered hosts, and my images will still be valid?

    I’ll do a mysql backup anyway, first…

  • @Dommason01 Have you updated to the latest RC yet?

  • @ch3i

    As well as trying debug mode, is there a log location for deployments that details what has been done via a deployment?

    I’ve enabled debug mode and run through the instructions on up to a point.

    Win7 obviously uses ntfsresize to expand the partition, but what I need is the command (and options) that works for a linux partition, presumably resize2fs

    So I’ve done up to

    cat d1p1.img | pigz -d -c | partclone.restore -O /dev/sda1 -N -f -i

    with no problem, but the problem I’m having is the resizing.

    Can I find the options for resize2fs(?) somewhere in the php on the fog server?

    I can test, and then it might be useful to add them to the above wiki page.

  • @ch3i Thanks, I will look at running in debug mode, and also look at the process of upgrading a fog server from 1.2.0 to a RC

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    Also you might think about upgrading to one of the RC builds as I’m pretty sure Linux support is much better than in the past.

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    @Dommason01 Hi, Have you try to deploy in debug mode ?

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