No source file passed when deploy

  • Server
    • Version: Running Version 27
      SVN Revision: 5953
    • OS: debian jessie
    • Version: 11.5
    • OS: Windows linux

    Hye ,

    I can’t deploy with rc10
    I ve this message:
    no source file passed (writeimage).

    i certainly made ​​a mistake
    thank olivier

  • It’s olivierl (wrong account)

    Ok i m sorry , i ve found my mystake .
    I ve multiboot and before i make a other type for os image .
    I change for linux and it’s working without do a new image.


  • Please answer all the below questions from others. Is this a fresh install? Have you ever successfully deployed this image or is it a new one?

  • Moderator

    How are you trying to deploy? (eg Quick Deploy)

    What image are you trying to deploy? (eg Resizable)

    Does the image folder on the disk exist and if so contain files and if so, which ones?

  • Senior Developer

    Why is this a bug? Does the image actually exist? The file it’s trying to use actually exists? Imaging appears to be working properly from my testing and I’m fairly sure many others as well. Why are you on working branch? While unlikely the issue, as no init changes have been made from rc9 to the working branch, it’s not recommended to stay on working branch unless it is directly fixing and issue you require.

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