Possible Database issue: All registered hosts gone and graphs are inaccurate

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    Hey guys,
    I logged into my fog GUI this morning and much to my horror all of my hosts (1000+) were gone. We use FOG for inventory as well so this kinda stinks. I’ve been on RC8 for a while now, but it appears something is amiss with some connection (database or storage node?). I really hope my hosts are not gone for good…

    Here is what clued me into something being up:


    We haven’t imaged anything for days. Let me know which logs are needed.


  • @fry_p I have no idea but it’s pretty concerning. Please do regular exports of your DB using the web interface via FOG Configuration -> Configuration Save -> Export, do this once a day, keep the files safe.

    If it happens again, do another export - so we can see what is in it, then move to the last good export.

    Also pinging @Tom-Elliott so he reads through this thread.

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    @Wayne-Workman Restored from a 3 day old backup. Phew I’m lucky. Wonder what happened… We have barely touched FOG in the last 3 days.

  • @fry_p 61 rows from the first one is definitely not good, since you said you had over one-thousand hosts…

    I’d say restore the DB from backup. Look for backups in /home

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    Hi Wayne,
    I did both queries and got 61 rows in the first one, with about 25% with a 1 in the pending field. For the second one there were quite a few more (2745 rows) but there are all 0’s or blanks for pending. I’m glad it isn’t my database. Sanity restored 🙂 So what next?

  • If it were a db connection issue, you would be unable to login, the web interface would not work in it’s entirety. It’s something else.

    The first thing to do is a sanity check. Via CLI on the server, enter into MySQL and check your hosts.

    use fog;
    select hostID,hostName,hostPending from hosts;

    You don’t need to give us this output, we just need to know if it has anything there or not.

    Next, check your MAC addresses, again we don’t need the output, we just need to know if there is anything there at this point.

    select hmHostID,hmMAC,hmPending from hostMAC;

    However, do look over the results of these two queries. Particularly, the pending fields for each.

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