FOG Client 0.11.5 with FOG 1.3.0 RC-8 - Client failing to contact server

  • @Joe-Schmitt

    I was asked to look at a computer that wasn’t getting the correct printers via FOG. After digging, there are other problems here.

    This is on a windows 10 LTSB machine. There is no “Reset Encryption” button showing for this host in the web UI, so that’s not the issue I think.

    The C:\fog.log file has not been written to in a very long time. However the service was running when I checked. I dug around in C:\Program Filex (x86)\FOG\ and found two logs, they have errors in them and are being written to. Below are the logs. The c:\fog.log has entries all the way back to 0.10.6, all the way to 0.11.5.

    The logs say it cannot contact the fog server. I can ping the fog server just fine from this host, and browse to the server’s web interface from the host too.

    0_1472143080668_fog from c drive.log

  • @Joe-Schmitt What in the world could have done that? Also - kinda scary too.

  • Senior Developer

    @Wayne-Workman somehow the settings file is gone. That’s what’s causing all of your errors.

  • I uninstalled the client, rebooted, reinstalled the client, rebooted. now it appears fine.

    idk what happened. But I’d appreciate it if the logs were looked through.

    Because the reinstallation fixed it - I tend to think this is some kind of issue with the client in this scenario. I literally changed nothing server-side.

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