RC-1 Hosts Disappear When a New Host is Added

  • Several weeks ago we updated from Git 8359 to 1.3.0 RC-1, and all was well, or so we thought. Yesterday, for the first time since we performed that update, someone added a new host. When the new host was added, all of our other hosts disappeared in FOG. Within a few hours, they were all listed as pending MACs. I updated to RC-8 to see if it resolved it, but it didn’t. I accepted the new MACs and they are all back in as hosts however they don’t have any of their previous data applied to them. I dumped out the database before I moved to RC-8 (and I have a vmware snapshot as well) so I do have a nice backup of that. It appears that the old host data is still in the database, so I’m not really sure where to go from here, if I should just suck it up or if maybe we can get it back. I’m not sure if this is a bug that was in RC-1 that has been previously reported (didn’t find much in search) or if this might be something that is still around.

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    @apathetic_admin said in RC-1 Hosts Disappear When a New Host is Added:

    It appears that the old host data is still in the database, so I’m not really sure where to go from here, if I should just suck it up or if maybe we can get it back.

    I’ve not seen this. I’ve only heard of one other case of this, but it was during a time when the DB was plagued with all sorts of issues (because of my coding having some error or another).

    This should not have happened to begin with, but it’s not something that’s a common occurrence and if it were, I’m sure it would’ve been posted all up and down the forums by now.

  • @Wayne-Workman +1 for lazy.

  • @Quazz For a while, RCs required web credentials in the .fogsettings file in order to correct FTP credentials for nodes - and for backing up the DB during installation. This has been removed in the latest RC, no such extra credentials are required anymore. An unfortunate consequence of it is that people on older RCs who had no idea and didn’t know how to follow the installers instructions, or were just lazy, didn’t get any automatic backups during that time.

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    @apathetic_admin Odd, it should make a DB backup every time the install script is ran as far as I know (assuming it’s already installed). You sure there’s nothing in /home/fogDBbackups that’s useable?

  • @Wayne-Workman That is good to hear! Thanks

  • @apathetic_admin The new client doesn’t remove computers from a domain - unless the domain they are on is not what is set for said host. If the fields are blank, no actions are taken.

  • Here’s a fun thought:
    I approve all of these pending “new” hosts, now there they are, virgin entries in the database, with no Active Directory configuration. FOG suddenly finds all of these new hosts are joined to a domain, but shouldn’t be, and starts removing all of them from the domain.

  • @Wayne-Workman Sorry, I believe there is a misunderstanding here.

    On July 19 I took a snapshot, and updated to RC1. After a few days of no noticeable problems, I deleted the snapshot. That is the snapshot I would have needed to revert to. The snapshot I took today was of a broken RC1, before I updated to RC8.

    Also, while I found a backup of the code in /home, I see that I haven’t had a database backup since April, so that is sad. I’ll probably poke around in the database and see if I can figure something out, otherwise we’ll just start re-associating hosts with images and snapins.

  • @apathetic_admin So, if your snapshot is good, just revert to it - then update fog. All should be good to go.

    Note - you have to update fog.
    RC-8 probably rolled out the latest client to a substantial number of your computers - you can’t stay on RC-1, it’s not an option for you anymore.

  • @Wayne-Workman Yeah, the snapshot I took this morning is.

    Also I found the SQL backups, when you said /home I was thinking root’s home (since I ran the install script via sudo) but now I see that there’s actually a folder in /home for them.

  • @apathetic_admin Is your snapshot on RC-1 ?

  • @Wayne-Workman 😞 There is not. I take vm snapshots when I do these updates but after a few days I usually delete them.

  • There should be a db backup in /home (hopefully)

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