FOG Client 0.11.5 - Printer Aliases - and print queues.

  • 1.3.0 RC-7, host OS is Win10 LTSB x64.


    This seems like an intermittent problem so far.

    If a TCP/IP printer is added to fog that has spaces in the Alias, this printer deploys to computers but does not work.

    If the spaces are removed from the printer alias, the old printer is removed from the computer, and the new one added, but the old print-queue with the old name remains and printing doesn’t work.

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    Reworked validation for all pages and have confirmed, within reasonable certainty, that all is now validating properly. If a form using validation (Users, Hosts, Printers, Snapins, etc…) is invalid it will prompt near the box and will not allow the form to be submitted.

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    @Wayne-Workman I’m 100% unable to duplicate this issue.

  • The fix that I’ve come up with is:

    • Remove one space from the printer alias, replace it with a hypehn. Save.
    • Remove the hyphen, put back the space, save.

    This seems to fix the issue on a per-printer basis. Will confirm later.

  • @Tom-Elliott I have more information on this issue.

    Here’s what happened.

    Technicians were un-able to update fog printers with the correct INF because fog says a duplicate printer exists already. We are now on RC-8 and this is still the case. I have a screenshot of what I’m talking about. This printer has been in this fog setup since probably RC-5. All I’ve done is change the INF field to be correct and tried to update it, and get the displayed message (pictured below). When other technicians were faced with this, they just removed the spaces and replaced them with underscores or hyphens. What this caused is for existing printer deployments on hosts to have an “orphaned” printer, because that printer “alias” is no longer managed by fog, and the FOG system installed the new printer alias, and left the old one behind because it’s not seen as a fog printer any more (thus orphaned).


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    @Wayne-Workman This still isn’t the issue as it’s being described.

    While the server side did change the ability to using spaces in the name and inf files, the issue is NOT with the server. The server is sending all the correct data, but the client is not removing the now old information. This isn’t something, I don’t think, that can be fixed very easily client and is definitely not something I can fix server side as all the server does is send the information to the client.

    Like I said, if you had not edited the printers from within RC-3 to current, the client would not have done anything to the clients as nothing is validated when it’s being sent to the client. It’s simply pulled from the db as is and sent to the client.

    RC-8 will re-allow spaces in the inf and alias names considering the reasoning for space checking was really meant mostly as a stop-gap for snap-ins as FTP doesn’t appear to like to delete files with spaces in the name, nor sending them with spaces either.

  • @Tom-Elliott said in FOG Client 0.11.5 - Printer Aliases - and print queues.:

    So printers that were setup but not edited in anyway since before RC-3 was installed should not have had the issues as described here.

    That basically means all our printers have the issue.

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    I don’t know how to explain this issue, but RC-8 will reallow spaces in the inf and alias names of printers.

    The issues, as I’m reading them, would have only impacted printers that were updated after updating to RC-3. RC-1 and RC-2 did not have checking of names to validate if, or if not, a field had spaces where it was thought it should not have been.

    So printers that were setup but not edited in anyway since before RC-3 was installed should not have had the issues as described here.

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    This seems to be a server issue. @Tom-Elliott

  • Below is a pic of the printer that we had to remove spaces from the name for, and computers that had this printer before are the ones with the print queue issue.

    TOSHIBA Universal Printer 2

    0_1470762726389_printer with spaces.png

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