Group AD settings revert?

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    I just noticed on RC-5 that the group AD settings now say to leave blank for the default OU. Personally I would rather it still fill in the default OU because my OU string is very long, and before I only need to change one part of the full string when adjusting a group OU. In other words, this change, while it makes it look a bit cleaner, makes life a little more difficult than before if you have nested OU organization.

    i.e. let say my default is…


    For most groups the only part I want to change is the first one, i.e. make it


    Would it be possible to put this back the way it was, or am I alone in thinking this?

    This is the part of the group setting AD form I’m talking about…

  • @JJ-Fullmer Nah, I don’t think you made a mistake. If you look at the change log for RC-6 it addresses an issue that sounds like what you described here. I’ve also had this happen at work with RC-5 and RC-3. I’m hoping it’s fixed, it’s something we definitely need to pay attention to. We need to really pay close attention to all things in the RC at this point, and bring up all concerns so that the release is as solid as is humanly possible.

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    Ummm, nevermind. It looks like this isn’t actually a problem when I tried to recreate it. I must have accidentally cleared that on the one group somehow. Oops.

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