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  • Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:18 am
    Running Version 1.3.0-RC-4
    SVN Revision: 5941

    I noticed that while doing a multi cast session, that after the main partclone was complete and the system was finishing up the final touches with the OS setupcomplete script, that their appeared to be a new task in the task manager for these hosts.

    Is this something new in the RC-4 release? Or is this normal. I deleted those tasks because I was scared that they were something else and now those hosts aren’t joining AD automatically. LOL!

    Any ideas?


    Joe Gill

  • @Joe-Gill We need people to find odd problems. It’s good for the project.

  • I’ll be back at it again tomorrow as I am still way behind… I’m hoping to add about 20 new hosts and get them cloned tomorrow but we’ll see!



    Once the other issue with the rolling reboot is cleared it seems to add to AD just fine.

    @Tom-Elliott Leave it to me to help find some odd problem. LOL!

    Thanks guys!!


    Joe Gill

  • Senior Developer

    @Wayne-Workman Just want to say, I found an issue with sleeptimes. I don’t know how it went unnoticed, but this will be addressed for RC-5.

    Maybe this is just due to there being a “default” time set if the first can’t be found, but it would also lead to some really odd logging issues (like not displaying to the log itself).

  • what is your FOGMulticastManager sleep time set to? I think the default is 10 seconds.

  • All of the hardware is identical the same. It appears that the service is logging the host off and rebooting as if it were to add it to the AD, but that never happens. I watched it reboot 4 times and I’m sure it has done many more.

    I guess the only thing that is different is that I added two snappins to this batch. But everything else is constant.

  • @Tom-Elliott

    This is very strange! The hosts are in a reboot loop and the task is not clearing out of the “Active Tasks” list. Don’t know what’s going on. This image has not changed a bit. All the other hosts I’ve done so far today have gone fine.

    Any ideas?

  • @Tom-Elliott - Gotcha! I’ll check it out!

    Thanks for educating me. 🙂

  • Senior Developer

    @Joe-Gill What I mean.

    Multicast task is completely different from the “Active Tasks”.

    Active Tasks are how hosts know what to do. Multicast is how the FOGMulticastManager service knows what to do.

    As long as all the hosts completed their Individualized tasks, the FOGMulticastManager would be able to detect and complete appropriately. Sometimes this may take a short bit AFTER the hosts are all done. So long as all the hosts don’t keep rebooting into them, you will be good to go.

  • Also Tom, I’ve left it still running. If you want to remote in and take a peek, PM me and we can set that up.

  • @Tom-Elliott I do not know if the original task did not complete or not on the server but each host did ON the individual machine.

    So to update you on this… I have a new batch of hosts that each completed ON the machine but the task manager shows them still running.

  • Senior Developer

    @Joe-Gill did the individual tasks completed?

  • @Tom-Elliott

    I had created a multi cast task to deploy an image to a few machines. This group of hosts had a few snapins to deploy among other things, after the image was pushed to them. The multi cast task appeared to remain on the list after the partclone finished and the machines had been rebooted. Although to me, it actually appeared that it was a new task because the task bar was not complete.

  • Senior Developer

    What kind of tasks did you create?

    Did the hosts actually complete the tasks and the tasks remained on the screen?

  • I don’t know what was happening there… I didn’t give my hosts long enough to register with the fog service. Things are working like normal. But I still don’t know what the other tasks were that appeared on my task manager…

    Carry on!


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