• I have been attempting to install FOG for hours now, and it is becoming very frustrating. I am attempting to install on Ubuntu 13.10 and when I run the installer, I get to “checking package: php5-json…failed!” then the FOG install stops.

    It originally failed on “checking package: php5…failed!” but I got past that by just using “apt-get install php”

  • Never could figure this issue out. Went ahead and installed 14.04 and upgraded to trunk, and it all went smoothly.

  • I too would recommend Ubuntu 14. 16 isn’t really hard either, just 2 extra steps.

  • Moderator

    I’m not a ubuntu fan, but its recommended that you install FOG on 14.04 LTS for a painless install.

    But your error sounds similar to those that try to install FOG on 16.04 LTS in that 16.04 has done away with php5 and moved to php7, which caused the devs some pains.

    What version of FOG are you installing? I would also recommend you install 1.3.0-rc1 over 1.2.0 stable if you need access support for win10, uefi firmware, NVMe disks or, gpt disks.

    Also here is a wiki for installing FOG on 13.10:

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