PXE TFTP Read Time Out

  • Got this message when I was trying to PXE boot a few new hosts. I was able to register the hosts just fine with FOG another day. Today, I’m in the middle of a small 4 machine multicast and am trying to run a simple deployment task with a different host and I’m getting a TFTP timeout error. I’m getting this error on more than one host on the same switch.

    Is this a network error or a FOG error? Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    0_1469035085693_Screen Shot.jpg

  • For those who may come across this same problem…

    I updated my BIOS and it resolved the problem.

  • @george1421

    Yeah it’s crunch time and I’m behind the 8 ball! 🙂

    As far as this host goes… I was able to actually PXE boot into FOG and register on another occasion. As far as DHCP goes, it isn’t on a different segment of the network.

    I bet it’s the particular room I’m in. I just tested PXE boot in a different location. Seems to be just fine. Nothing abnormal there.

    It’s always something!

    Thanks for the quick response!!


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    Boy you are all over today…

    In this case it looks like you are booting into legacy(bios) mode. Your computer is picking an IP address through PXE but is not able to download the undionly.kpxe from your fog server. Can this client connect to the fog server is the first question I have. It appears to be getting the name of the file from dhcp option 67 but it can’t download it. Is there something different with dhcp on this network segment?

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