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  • Hi All,

    I’m working on integrating FOG printer management into our FOG scheme here. So far what I have done is download the handy FOG Printer Manager Helper tool to determine exact settings for printer. That works very well. Thanks @Wayne-Workman! I have successfully created a printer in FOG. Next I created a script to push printer drivers to hosts in a snapin. This works successfully. Finally, I add the said printer to each host in my group. I set the management level for the host to FOG managed. Everything appears to be normal there. No errors on the GUI. But when I go to the host and check to see what printers it has installed, I don’t find any printers.

    Which service does FOG use to push printers?

    Where could I find a log file for printer deployment?

    Any advice is appreciated.



  • @Joe-Gill Great job. Boo @Microsoft. Booooo

  • Well, I got this to finally work. I installed SAMBA server and things are good to go! I have a few minor configuration issues to address but nothing serious. Everything is installing properly and tested out. 🙂

    Thanks to those who helped! No thanks to Windows Server 2003!

  • @michael_f Looks like I’m headed the LInux Samba share route for now. I know that setup better. The Server 2003 is being a pain.

    @Joe-Schmitt remoted in to our server and well it wasn’t being very kind. It still has permissions issues.

  • @Joe-Gill As Joe Schmidt says, maybe the share is not setup correctly. Nevertheless I would try the following, costs you 5 minutes:

    • put the unzipped files to the share

    • figure out the path to the inf-file and set the path in printer-management dialog, Printer Config File can be left blank, the other settings should be fine

    • Assign the printer to a client and see, if it gets installed. If not, check fog.log

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    @Joe-Gill that doesn’t mean it’s setup correctly. A normal user counts as a domain user and a domain bound machine.

  • @michael_f I verified and I have access to the share as a user without entering credentials.

  • @Joe-Gill Can you verify that a normal user can access the share with windows explorer without providing credentials?

  • @Bob-Henderson I’m with you. We just updated one of our servers to 2008 here this year for our AD. I’m the new guy in the shop and we have budgets to make in a small district. It is what it is at this point.

    I’m just happy I’ve been able to at least dedicate some space on our virtual boxes to Linux to run FOG. 🙂

    @michael_f I have set our driver package on the share and am going to hopefully get ours going the same way. We shall see!

    @Joe-Schmitt I still haven’t gotten this set up correctly. If you get a minute this evening, let me know. I’ll be here until 5 MST. I’ll be on and off the forums all afternoon.

    I appreciate all of the advice!!

  • @Joe-Gill I’d strongly recommend getting off the 2003 server. That’s been End of Life and non-supported for nearly what, 18 months now?

  • @Joe-Gill afaik you have to grant access to the “everyone”-group not anonymous. Don’t forget to set permissions in both sharing and security-tab.

    I’m wondering, why you install the printer with a snapin? If you can unzip the driver-package, you can put the unzipped files to your share and point directly to the appropriate inf-file instead of ntprint.inf in the fog printer-settings.
    I’m using this method with different epson models and a generic driver. As the printer-model is only detected automatically if the printer is online, I’m using config-files to prevent problems.


  • @Joe-Schmitt That share is hosted on our Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition Service Pack 2 server. Thanks for repeating your response on forcing the service. I failed to read that. LOL!

    All I did when I created that share was follow the share “wizard” and plugged in all of the settings for the various users that need access to the share, including “anonymous login”. You can see the settings in the previous post that I made for “anonymous login”.

    @Wayne-Workman I may go that way. I’ve set Samba shares up a bunch of times with no problems and I do have a FreeNAS server setup too. I like the Samba shares better. So we’ll see. I’d kind of like to use the Windows Server for this one though.

    Thanks guys!



  • @Joe-Gill You could host the drivers on a linux share. It’s an option. Here’s a tutorial I wrote:

    This can easily be modified for anonymous read for everyone.

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    What OS are you hosting your share on? Is it an actual Windows Server or a desktop OS. If so, what version? Unfortunately anonymous read shares in windows vary greatly in their setup depending on the OS and OS build.

    Again, there is no way to force the client to checkin.

  • @Joe-Schmitt

    Well I was wrong. I mis-remembered 600 sec. It’s actually set to 60 sec.

    I must still have something not set right in FOG. Those two printers we looked at last night are both pointing to the correct network location and I still have no printers being installed. Arg…

    I plugged in the identical settings into the FOG Printer Manager Helper using the current network location and it installed just fine. No problem at all.

    I’m assuming you’ll tell me it’s a system issue with the anonymous user. If it is, what exactly needs to be set?

    0_1468341286188_screen shot.png

    What is the command to force the client to check with the server?

    Is their anything I can check to see what’s going on?

    I will be around again after 3 PM MST if you’d like to remote in.




  • Right now mine is set to 60 - having no problems with 500 hosts.

    our bigger fog system has well over 1K hosts, all with the latest client. I’ve not seen any load issues on it either, albeit most of those 1K hosts have not all been turned on at once - yet.

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    @Joe-Gill there is no way to force the client to checkin. As for your checkin time, depending on how many clients you have, 600 seconds may be a tad excessive. v0.10+ of the client generates significantly less traffic than 0.9 did.

  • @Joe-Schmitt

    Is the 600 second delay for the host, the amount of time between when the host checks the server for an update?

    What is the Windows command prompt command used to force the host to update?

    @Joe-Schmitt I was able to get the Print Manager software to install one of the printers using a new network share I setup. So now it’s just testing to see if the host installs it correctly from the server. Thanks again for the help yesterday!


    Joe Gill

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    I remoted in and helped. The issue was with the printer configuration. The Model field wasn’t quite right.

  • @Joe-Schmitt

    Well, I pretty much gave up on using FOG for Xerox printers. I know the driver DLL file the printer uses and pretty much everything else from the WIndows Test Page… But I still can’t seem to get it.

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