unsure of Revison for adding new storage node.

  • Im away to add a new storage node to my fog setup.

    I have my Ubuntu 14.04 installed same as other storage and fog server.

    I did update from 1.2.0 to “7208”.

    When i try to pull down that certain revision it says it svn: E160006: No such revision 7208.

    Im sure i did the SVN upgrade not the GIT.

    Any ideas what revision im actually on?


  • yeh svn info worked.

    im on 5721

    Many thanks

  • Moderator

    SVN version numbers are not the same to GIT numbers. You’re trying to pull a GIT revision. SVN has not yet reached 7208

    On your main server in the SVN folder do something like

    sudo svn -v

    to find the SVN version if I’m not mistaken.

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