• Has anyone had any issues with deploying a FOG image to this model?
    (The fact hat it has UEFI secure boot makes thing nervous)

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    @SteveB689 OK so this is just research then. Fair enough.

    I’m sorry you had so much frustration setting up FOG. I know it is a complex environment especially for those coming from a purely MS Windows background. Hopefully you found the support you needed in the FOG forums.

    On a positive note it sounds like Arrowhead-IT has personal experience with this hardware so you have someone that already went down the path you are on.

  • @george1421

    This is initial enquiry… I have about 70 of them to image soon for a new office.
    I did a test a few weeks back and was able to grab a test image off one of the PCs with a basic Win7 build… when downloading to a fresh out of the box HP, it would’nt boot … I managed to rescue it with judicious use of a Win7 disk, but was lucky.
    I will try with UEFI disabled in BIOS next week.

    At least now , I have a working FOG environment to do this after 2 weeks of frustration.

  • Testers

    I had a little issue with this model when I was using the ipxe.kkpxe bootfile. It would have problems booting to localdisk. Switching to a kpxe bootfile like ipxe.kpxe and using the GRUB_FISRT_HDD exit option, and also updating the bios to the latest version fixed the problem.

    And also like @Tom-Elliott said, disable secure boot, and be sure to enable legacy boot. I think this is the one that has a bit more limited bios options.

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    Do you have an issue with this system or is this just a general question?

    If you are having an issue, can we collect a bit more information on this system?

    What version of FOG are you using?
    Are you booting this system in bios(legacy) or uefi mode (since you mentioned secure boot, I’m guessing uefi)?
    What iPXE kernel are you booting (ipxe.efi, ipxe.kpxe, or undionly.kpxe)?
    If you are getting an error what is the specific error (a screen shot would be helpful)?

    As Tom said, disable secure boot or you will not be able to use FOG for image capture/deploy.

  • Disable secure boot.