PXE menu/Registration authentication allows any credentials

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    Hi guys,
    I noticed something funny when imaging some computers this morning (FOG GIT 7819). I was doing a full registration and when it came time to put in credentials to image it, I misspelled the username and hit enter when it asked for a password so it would prompt me again. Much to my surprise, it said “Ready with Imaging!”. Weird. So basically I entered a junk username with a blank password and it took it. So to further investigate, I went on another already registered pc and went to quick image. When it prompted for credentials, I typed junk for both the username and password… and it went right to the list of images. I thought you would be interested in this ;)


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    @Tom-Elliott Confirmed fixed in 7845

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    @Tom-Elliott Thanks, I’ll check in the AM

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    Should be fixed in latest, thanks for reporting.

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