Only 10 clients deploy simultaneously. changed the Queuesize though

  • An annoying little error, Fog is a fresh build v1.20 on unbuntu 14.04, I have 12 machines in this room, but fog only deploys to 10, the remaining ones are “waiting for a slot, there are 0 PCs in front of me”. I turn them off and back on when some machines have finished.
    So I increased the “FOG_QUEUESIZE” to from 10 to 100, I know there will only be 16 machines max in the room, but I just added a 0.
    The fog serer iss turned off when not in use, so it’s had a reboot
    So that should fix it, but it doesn’t, any suggestions?


  • @Julianh It’s also worth noting that the remaining two didn’t need turned off. They would have began imaging when a slot opened. I limit my FOG server’s maximum connections to 2, and I image 50 to 60 computers at once. 2 go, the rest wait in line.

  • Max clients are setup per group per node, I don’t think the global option works anymore.

  • Thanking you , have a jolly good evening.

  • Developer

    @Julianh Max Clients setting on the storage node