SOLVED Printer Management : add PDFCreator printer ?

  • Hi everybody,

    First, basic informations :
    FOG Version : 1.2.0
    OS Version : Debian 7
    uname -a : Linux fog 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.60-1+deb7u3 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    French user.

    I have just a little question : can we add the specific PDFCreator printer on FOG ?

    In fact, i have 2 classrooms with the same models computers but 2 differents printers in each classroom.

    These printers are included into the image (with drivers).
    After a deploy of the first classrooms, i want only specific printers on comptuers of classroms.

    Example (just 2 printers but in reality, they are 4 printers) :

    • into the image : printer A, PDFCreator, printer B

    After deploy, i want :

    • classroom 1 : printer A as default, PDFCreator
    • classroom 2 : printer B as default, PDFCreator

    Currently, after a deploy, i have all printers installed. I delete manually the unwanted printers on all computers (2 * 25) …

    With the “Management Printer”, I’m able to delete printers and add 3 of 4 printers.
    But i can’t add a PDFCreator printer. FOG is able to manage this particular printer ?

    Thank you for your help.

    PS : i tried the search function of forum but seem to be broken …

  • @Jbob Thank you for your reply.
    There is any solution to say to FOG : “i want manage the printers of this computer but, please, don’t delete the PDFCreator printer”.

    @Sebastian-Roth Interesting … Maybe i can try to do not include the PDFCreator Printer in the image and add it (by snapins) on computers after the deploy task … but what is the result about the default Printer ? Need to be NOT the PDFCreator printer

    Or maybe i just install all printers on the master, delete the printers by the Windows Printers Menu (except PDFCreator), upload the master.
    On the clients, i just check “add printers” (instead of “add and delete”) in the FOG printers management ?

  • Moderator

    @Jonathan-Cool Maybe just install any kind of PDF Printer software of your choice via snapins??

  • Senior Developer

    @Jonathan-Cool “PDFCreator printer.” is a software printer. That means when you “print to it”, it actually sends the request to an installed piece of software on the computer. FOG cannot manage these.

  • going to ask @Jbob about this - because I’m not sure.