Fog Client 0.9.11 - Cert?

  • Getting the current error in FOG client


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    @ITCC upgrading FOG will maintain its identity, so long as you don’t use --recreate-CA

  • I did some research and found the " reset encryption data" button in the host record. Click and fix. thanks guys !

  • this doesn’t get affected when upgrading FOG via SVN does it?

    i have rolled back to before. on clients that have not been changed since new fog server i get this…


    14/04/2016 18:48 Client-Info Version: 0.9.12
    14/04/2016 18:48 Middleware::Communication URL: http://fog-server/fog/management/other/ssl/srvpublic.crt
    14/04/2016 18:48 Data::RSA FOG Server CA cert found
    14/04/2016 18:48 Middleware::Authentication Cert OK
    14/04/2016 18:48 Middleware::Communication POST URL: http://fog-server/fog/management/index.php?sub=authorize
    14/04/2016 18:48 Middleware::Communication Response: Invalid security token
    14/04/2016 18:48 Service Sleeping for 120 seconds

    any advice?

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    What @Jbob said has been outlined here for a few months:

    That’s probably one of our more important wiki articles.

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    The FOG client “locks” into the FOG server that is running when you install it. From the sounds of it, you are setting up a new FOG server and trying to making the clients use this new server, but they are still locked in to your old one. You can setup your new server so that is has the same identity as your old one; allowing the clients to seamlessly switch between the two. To do this, you would need to copy over your CA certs from your old server to the new one, and then use the --recreate-keys parameter (DO NOT USE --recreate-CA, this resets the identity of a server).

  • reinstalled client in middle of deployment seemed to work. Will replace on image and try again.
    also got the next ver so would need to complete anyway.


  • 0_1460642909104_upload-0d4bdf38-4534-4963-bac0-cc49c07f91eb

  • it has been OK, not played for a week or so. come back and not working. using FOG server to deploy other machines (old images with new agent)

    Have completed the certs and it’s still an issue

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    @ITCC So this is your first image with the FOG client for testing? I would try the command I mentioned earlier and see if that helps. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the client to see if something went wrong in the install.

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    just looking into one machine at the moment due to new image, not a lot using new fog server.

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    You could try running
    sudo ./ --recreate-CA --recreate-keys

    Also forgot to ask is this a new install of FOG? Also is it a new image, I see it is on a VM?

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    Are you getting this on all machines or just this one?
    What version of FOG are you using(the number in the cloud)?

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