Ubuntu 14.04 FOG server password resets

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    Hi all,
    This may be an Ubuntu issue more than a FOG issue, but I wanted to start somewhere. On my FOG trunk VM, I run everything from a local account named “fog” with a normal password. After a few minutes, it seems that user is “Deauthenticated” and loses permissions to everything. I can’t run commands or edit files. I have a script that updates the Trunk Version every night at 3am, but that won’t run without being authenticated. The only way I found to temporarily fix it is to log in as root and reset the “fog” account password back to what it was. This allows me to be authenticated for about 10 minutes and then it happens again. Please let me know if there are any logs you may need and where to find them within Ubuntu. Please also let me know if I need to be more descriptive. I am kind of a noob over here.


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    Ah OK, I wasn’t aware of that function. Thank you for your prompt reply. I will give this a try tomorrow!

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    FOG creates an account named “fog” to do all of it’s functions. It is very bad practice to use “fog” as the account for you to login as this account gets a random password set by the installer. I am guessing that the account is getting locked out due to password violations caused by FOG. I would create a different account for you to use such as FOGAdmin or whatever and let FOG use the local “fog” account.