Configuration management frontend?

  • fog is amazing for provisioning machines, but after that, I generally remove the client and move on. I feel it is close to being much more. If fog was able to act as a gui front end for a config management system that already works great (saltstack(preferred), puppet, chef, etc…) and then report current/accurate software status on machines (ocs inventory) then it would be the ultimate sysadmin tool for windows machines.

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    It appears that the OP is asking for an endpoint management solution (akin to the beast know as Altiris). FOG is an image deployment tool, not (currently) an endpoint management tool.

    With that said, I could see a path forward with OCS and puppet to fill in the missing bits from FOG. But as Tom said, that is more inline with FOG 2.0 or later as fog 1.3 is already under a new feature freeze. Integrating OCS shouldn’t be that difficult since I know a few other open source projects use that as their inventory engine since its cross platform and its system requirements are in line with a standard LAMP stack.

    (just thinking out loud)
    Actually you wouldn’t need puppet if you could create a policy engine to bridge between OCS and snapin deployment. That policy engine would take a policy (i.e. all computers in FOG group XX shall have MS Office 2016 installed or remove Notepad++ if installed on any computer). Based on what OCS reports the policy engine could create a snapin deployment task for the required action. In theory it should work. FOG would need to have persistent groups for sure (currently not available) and additional dedicated developers to pull it off. But in theory it sounds plausible.

  • I don’t know that I fully understand.

    You can create a “plugin” that could do all of this. Yes I understand it may seem a bit much work to do, but if you need help, that’s what I’m (and others) are here for.

    That all said, I’ve more or less put a feature hold on the current FOG Versions mainly because I’m trying to get 1.3.0 - beta as stable as possible and focussing primarily on squashing bugs as they come in.

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