SOLVED Regression bug Bandwidth transmit chart updating every second r6845

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    This chart was causing FOG server performance issues in an earlier release, so a bug was posted and the solution was to make the chart update every minute. The concern was on the 1 second interval the script could not finish calculating and updating the graph before the next time interval happened. Plus there is no real need to see instantaneous bandwidth on a per second bases. It an interesting to know vs nice to have or need to have. (Personally I’d rather have the cpu cycles for deployment than updating the graph.

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    OK my error. There was a timeout value in the fog settings for the graphs and it was defaulted to 1. I updated the value to 60 and that corrected the graph refresh time.

    I guess I need to cruse through the fog settings every once and a while to see what’s new. 😩

    solving this thread.

  • I too have noticed this. I’ve not messed with any settings pertaining to the bandwidth graph but my graph is now updating each second.

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    I can check to see if there is a setting for that. I was trying to track down a sudden performance drop/ increased vCPU usage in our production fog server and I noticed the graph updating faster than normal. When I say sudden, I noticed it this week after updating to the current trunk as of last sunday.

  • I am fairly sure the bandwidth graph timeout is set from fog settings though it is possible I was an idiot in one of my testing episodes I accidentally left a 1 second timeout.