Installing 0.9.11 Client via GPO

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    OK first up I know how to do this, have been doing it for years. I am running into a buggy problem with the client and probably just need to be pointed in the right direction.

    I am attempting to push out the FOG client to all machines in the domain. some already have the client installed and that is fine. Problem I am running into is I cant find the 0.9.11 client even when I see it is pulling from C:\Program Files (x86)\Fog\tmp\

    the file that is there is 0.9.7 when installed. Where this causes a problem is if 0.9.11 is already installed it will install 0.9.7 and cause it to have to version installed . This is problematic at best.

    I tried downloading the client file from the server site but it s 0.9.7 also. Where can I get the 0.9.11 .mis installer?

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    @Jbob You sir just saved my sanity, that is exactly the problem.

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    @Psycholiquid If you get 0.9.7 from the server then that is the problem. You can manually download the MSI’s (or upgrade your server’s MSI) from here:

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    @Wayne-Workman I was just heading in that direction. I need not try this on lack of sleep I don’t think straight.

  • @Psycholiquid You could just use msiexec in a startup script to pull the client off of everything. Let that run a few days and then remove it.

    Then let a few days go - and then deploy it to every client via startup script.

    Why aren’t the new computers getting imaged with an image that has a client installed?

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    @Wayne-Workman No they work together, when you use trunk the software updates itself. But the file is not an .msi which is the problem, it is a separate .exe called FogUpdateHepler.exe that does the update. I am just gonna make a different OU and drop the clients without the FOG client in there and hope for the best. They will install fine, it is just a pain.

    Where this becomes a problem if someone was to pick up a bunch of new machines and decided to make a GPO to silent install teh client it would double up the clients on all machines which already had the client and cause it to loop around like crazy. Took me a while to see it but it will bring a client to its knees which all the polling going on. But this is only due to two different clients trying to talk and getting certs all jacked up.

    Just trying to work out a good way to do this via GPO rather than by scripts. But I really think I am just rambling at this point, very tired today.

  • If you update FOG to the latest, it’ll come with the latest client.

    I’m afraid 0.9.11 probably won’t work with the version of FOG Trunk that 0.9.7 came with.

    These two things were developed in tandem.

    Also, if you update your FOG server - it will automatically update all old clients to the latest, totally silently.

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    Update: I see a FOGUpdateHelper.exe

    When you launch that it updates the file. So I am not sure how to handle existing clients and installing to new client in one GPO if it is using a separate .exe to upgrade itself? Is there an .msi that is 0.9.11 that is one file?