SOLVED FOGUserService Net Framework error 64 bit machines

  • I’m getting an error on 64 bit machines that have the new client installed.

    Error Parsing C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.030319\config\machine.config  
    Parser returned error 0x80070005.

    FOGUserService.exe-Configuration Parser Error is the name on the popup box.

    I know this is an issue with permissions, but not sure why it’s only happening on these 64 bit machines.

    The client is being installed via gpo if that helps. The error pops up immediately upon login.

  • @Jbob I’ll have to try tomorrow and let ya know.

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    The client is built with .NET 4.5, but can be run with .NET 3.5 or higher. @Hanz can you download the 0.9.10 debugger ( and run it on a machine experiencing this issue. Be sure to not run it elevated (run it as a normal user). Do you get the same Error Parsing .... ?

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    @Hanz I would ensure that .Net is at a consistent level for all of your computer fleet before updating the fog client. There are many reasons to take a cookie cutter approach to system images, the primary is “Fix it for one, fix it for all” when trying to repair bugs in systems. This way if you have one system different than the rest you can compare what is different to debug. From the error above it appears that you have .net 4.0 installed on this computer .

    Just for reference the above version of .Net [v4.030319] is from 2011, which may explain why the fog client is having a problem on this computer. Somewhere I remember that .Net 4.5 is required by the fog client (@jbob comments?).

  • @george1421 That I’m not sure about honestly…What version should I be using ? I’ll have to work on adding a package to update .NET I guess. If I update the .Net framework after FOG, will this fix the issue ?

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    @Hanz Do you have the same version and patch number of .Net deployed on all computers? Are you managing this?

    In my case, I’m loading the fog client as part of the imaging process. In this imaging process I install .Net into the reference image. That way I know for sure what release is deployed on the client. Then update .Net using WSUS.

    If you are going to push out the fog client via GPO (there are better methods, but that is for a different thread) you might want to push out a consistent and known .net version as a prerequisite before updating the client.

  • @Jbob I am installing the client via gpo as stated above. And I’d like to also mention that this issue only presents itself sometimes.

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    How are you deploying .NET ? Is it via GPO? Part of the image?

  • Informing @Jbob about this.

    What version of FOG? What version of the new client? What OS is it going on?