• Before I ask my question, I know 0.32 is old and not up to date (1.2 being the latest stable). I have a 0.32 server installed for a school district that our tech department helps manage, and I was trying to make a Windows 10 image they could use. My question is this… Without updating the server and nodes in the separate district, is there a way to get Windows 10 to work with 0.32? No matter what I try after downloading the image, the client boots back up with “Missing Operating System”. I have tried uploading with Vista OS Single Disk, and Windows 7 Single Disk, both with the same results after downloading. The OS is installed on one partition, not multiple. I was hoping I could get them a Windows 10 image without having to update everything right now. If that’s not possible, I understand. Thanks!


  • @Wayne-Workman While that is true, it’s not always a possibility.

    I would highly recommend upgrading if that was an option, but from the sounds of it, this is not necessarily the case. I’d really highly recommend going to trunk rather than 1.2 as well, if only so I can get more feedback on bugs and what not.

  • @Tom-Elliott It would be less effort to just upgrade.

  • @Tom-Elliott I must have replied at the same time you did so I didn’t see this until now. I might try your suggestion just to see if I can get it to work. Thanks Tom!

  • @Tom-Elliott Of course, single partition you would simply use the whole of the disk, but again the start sector MUST be 63

  • @dustindizzle11 The only way, I can think of, is to wipe the disk you’re working with and install Windows 10. The disk, in 0.32, must be MBR and MBR all the way. As you’re limited to the versions of windows allowed (Windows XP - Windows 7) I’d recommend making the partition layout identical (if possible at all?) to that of Windows 7 Assumed partition layout.

    You will NOT be able to do resizable image with 0.32 unless you put the Windows OS into a Sysprepped/OOBE state.

    The assumed 0.32 layout of Windows 7 is Recovery partition of 100MB NTFS formatted (105MB should be fine). To further clarify, I suppose, the start sector of the 0.32 Windows 7 base image would be 63 and the end of the first partition would end at sector 206848.

    I can’t give much more info and I’m sure it probably isn’t possible, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to try if you’re willing.

  • @Tom-Elliott I have made multiple 1.2 Windows 10 images that work perfect, so I know it does work with 1.2. I use single disk, re-sizable and Windows 7 as the OS. I also make sure to install Windows 10 only on 1 partition. I think I will just plan on moving that districts Fog server to 1.2, it eventually needs to happen anyways. I tried everything I could to get Windows 10 to work with 0.32, and it doesn’t seem to be happy with it. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and help!

  • @Jbob Correction, 0.32 had 0 support for gpt, 1.2.0 had basic support for GPT. While it may not have worked, the support for it WAS indeed there.

  • I’ll add to this conversation that FOG is Open Source and Free… that includes newer versions.

    Not free like Free Beer, but free like you can use it, copy it, change it, and exchange it however you want with the only limitation of simply respecting the GNU General Public License v3.

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    In addition to MBR disks, ensure you are in BIOS mode not UEFI. The two mentioned version of FOG do not support UEFI very swell (0.3x ==no, 1.2.0 == some times)

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    Disclaimer: I am not sure if this is even possible.

    FOG 0.32 and 1.2.0 do not support GPT, which Windows 10 defaults to. Your best bet would be to install Windows 10 with an MBR configured disk. Once that is done, you should be able to treat it like a Windows 7 image.