Latitude E5450

  • Has anyone had success imaging a dell latitude e5450? I am currently in the middle of deploying a blank image to a new one & it is really slow. Image is around 18gb & usually takes 4-5 minutes deployment. This is saying 2 hours. Everything is running on a 1 gig switch. Running fog 1.2.0 with default bzimage.

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    @Junkhacker Yeah, I’m with Wayne on this one. Do a sanity check with a second 5450. Just in case there is something wonky with this unit you can rule it out by compare and contrast.

    As will all systems, make sure it is on the latest bios and be sure to reset the bios settings back to default first then make any system required changes.

    I also found out through testing the target hard drive will have an impact on deployment times. Does the unit have a ssd or a rotating hard drive?

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    trunk build 4384, default kernel, init, and ipxe files. resizable windows 7 image

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    @Junkhacker said:

    just checked my imaging logs, looks like the last time my server imaged a E5450 it took 7.5 minutes

    wiki working hardware.
    What config do you use with it, Junkhacker?

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    just checked my imaging logs, looks like the last time my server imaged a E5450 it took 7.5 minutes

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    Well… 2 hours isn’t acceptable when you’re using 1.2.0 with an 18GB image through a end-to-end 1Gbps connection.

    Something’s wrong. Basics first, check your connections. Make sure the laptop’s power adapter is connected and it’s properly hooked up. Trade out the patch cable. Try a different network drop. Is the laptop sitting on a microwave? Make sure the image isn’t set as RAW.

    Beyond those things, I might look at the load that your FOG server is under, you can run the top command to see what’s happening. Look at the load averages and the memory usage of the running programs.

    Do you have another Latitude E5450 you can try?

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