SOLVED Upgrade client from 0.9.7 to 0.9.9

  • Hello,

    I just find out that i have 2 “Fog Service” installation in add/remove software panel on some computer. One line for 0.9.7 and one other for 0.9.9.
    I can remove the 0.9.7 manually without impacting the 0.9.9.

    Should I run script to remove the 0.9.7 via GPO or will this be fixed and installing new client will remove all version of the client in the list ?

    Thank you.

  • Solving this thread as the bug was user created. Don’t use GPO to enforce a client version is the quick answer.

  • @Jbob I was using script with msiexec in GPO but not directly using software installation.

  • Senior Developer

    @jmeyer Are/Were you using GPO to deploy the client?

    If you did, then that is your culprit. If you use GPO to deploy an MSI it will automatically enforce that msi upon all computers in the domain unless otherwise specified. This means when the client upgraded to v0.9.9, GPO saw that there was no v0.9.7 and pushed it out. Newer versions of the client will superseed in terms of files so while v0.9.7 is “installed” its running v0.9.9 still.

  • @Jbob Thank you.

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    This is bug. I normally see this in my development builds if I don’t increment the product version.