More control with Partitions

  • Never mind my Friend Thank You Man!!!

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    Sorry for taking so long to respond, I’ve been on vacation.
    I did not know that something similar was implemented in FOG. This is the first news I have about it. I’m glad.

  • My Friend Fernando Gietz
    thank you for your help but this feature it is exist in the version 0.32 FOG
    pleas any one can help
    that’s important to me

  • i think you should delete the image file

  • [quote=“Fernando Gietz, post: 252, member: 13”]We have developed this feature, but we use fog 0.30.

    That is cool, I would be interested in something like that. Would it to to much trouble to post the coding behind this? Even if it is for the older version, I bet people would find it useful, maybe even update it to the newer version.

    At the moment the only way to do this, it to do what Blackout said, and rename or delete the secondary partition image. Then when fog does a restore, will not be able to find the second partition and error out and skip it. As long as your partition layout is exactly the same on every computer, it will not destroy any data on the secondary partition.

    The thing that sucks about this setup is whenever you update you image, you will need to remember to rename or delete the secondary partition, otherwise it will overwrite all the data on the secondary partition with the one on the server, and that is not good.

  • Hello

    Users of version 0.32 FOG
    I have a shared hard drive into 2 partitions. The first contains the system + programs and the second is just to store temporary work files.
    How do you back up and restore the first partition?

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    We have developed this feature, but we use fog 0.30.
    The way it operates is simple:
    1 º) When you upload the picture for the first time you save the partition scheme in the database, via web services.
    2 º) for the next time, the web interface gives you the option to choose which partition you want to upload.
    3 º) FOG script on the client, ask via web services if you need to upload the whole disk or just a partition. If the result of the query is running the fogpartinfo ALL, otherwise, it returns the device / dev / sdaX.
    4 º) Once the upload process, the web service takes care of Post_Stage2.php to copy the image file of the partition in its place
    5 º) Saving the partition scheme you know that images have the same schema, so you can share the image files of partitions.

    In this way the code is responsible for making the task of renaming files, and avoid human error.

    The source name image is aula-bz-cursos-A6A-rembo-mantenimiento. We can upload all partitions, sda1(NTFS) or sda5 (NTFS) and share it with aula-bz-cursos-A6A-rembo-gx620_produccion image


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    But you can manually rename/remove the image files so the system cannot find them, it will then skip that partition.