• Hi everyone -

    Perhaps this is a loaded question but I’ll try not to sound too stupid. Each time a major update comes out (0.32 -> 1 -> 1.20) I like to rebuild the server and do clean installs.

    I’m in the process of building a new server for the latest (1.3.0 or 2?) release. With the new client being finalized, is there any estimated time frame which we could expect the new release?

    Also, is 1.3.0 the same as 2.0? I know some have hinted to completely rebuilding FOG, hence 2.0 – but I’ve also need 1.3.0 thrown around as well.

    Just looking for suggestions on how to move forward… as always, thanks for the great work guys. Cheers.

  • Moderator

    The release will be soon©.

  • @RLane I’ve been pushing hard for a release… but at the moment, things are a little out of whack here and there.

    I personally want the release to be rock solid - however long it takes is how long it takes.

    You can help by using trunk and reporting bugs. 😉

  • Now the question, which you may or may not have an answer to. Is there any sort of timeline as to the release of 1.3.0? 2.0 is a long way away like you said - but i’m excited to see what it has to offer.

  • Senior Developer

    @RLane As long as you are only using the legacy client with your current server, you are good to go. No need to transfer over your certificates.

  • @RLane 3551 is not 1.2.0, that’s a trunk revision. The legacy client does not use ssl - but you might have ssl certs in that version. look in /opt/fog/snapins/ssl

  • Gottcha. However that doesn’t apply since I’m using cloud version 3551 and the old client, does it?

  • @RLane said:

    Also, is 1.3.0 the same as 2.0?

    They are two totally separate things. 2.0 is a TOTAL re-write, both frontend and backend… It’s not even functional yet.

    with FOG Trunk (beta 1.3.0), the new client uses SSL to secure communications. You can’t just “build a new server from scratch”, you must port over the ssl keys in order to maintain control of hosts - so keep that in mind.