• The other day I tried to do a first-installation of the then-latest trunk version on a test server, I used ./installfog.sh -y just to see what would happen.

    It did automatically start and use all defaults which is fine, and when it got done, I browsed to x.x.x.x/fog/management and was presented with a db schema update page. I figured the -y argument would have taken care of this, but it’s probably something to do with a fresh brand-new installation.

    Just informing the @Developers about it. I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature request.

  • @Tom-Elliott I’ll reproduce and then let you know. I don’t think SELinux was on… This particular case is for a first-time installation on a new server build, I thought the -y option would auto update the DB for me, but it didn’t.

  • Just guessing but did the database need to be updated? Was selinux enabled? Any error messages?

  • Developer


    This was a feature implemented in May-ish

    ./installfog.sh --help

    Usage: ./installfog.sh [-hdUuHSCKY] [-f <filename>] [-D </directory/to/document/root/>]
    [-W <webroot/to/fog/after/docroot/>] [-B </backup/path/>]
    [-s <>] [-e] [-b <undionly.kpxe>]
    -h -? --help Display this info
    -d --no-defaults Don’t guess defaults
    -U --no-upgrade Don’t attempt to upgrade
    -H --no-htmldoc No htmldoc, means no PDFs
    -S --force-https Force HTTPS redirect
    -C --recreate-CA Recreate the CA Keys
    -K --recreate-keys Recreate the SSL Keys
    -Y -y --autoaccept Auto accept defaults and install
    -f --file Use different update file
    -D --docroot Specify the Apache Docroot for fog
    defaults to OS DocumentRoot
    -W --webroot Specify the web root url want fog to use
    Defaults to /fog/
    -B --backuppath Specify the backup path
    –uninstall Uninstall FOG
    -s --startrange DHCP Start range
    -e --endrange DHCP End range
    -b --bootfile DHCP Boot file