SOLVED Serve two separate subnet without using storage node

  • Hello,

    fogserver nic1 (subnet 1):
    fogserver nic2 (subnet 2):

    I have two subnet (each on distinct network card of fog server) with separate dhcp and tftp servers on these subnets. I’m wondering if it is possible to serve two subnets without using storage node:
    On first subnet , upload and download images is working fine, but, on second subnet, when i try to upload image, on second ipxe boot fog, then after “…checking in” status for some time, I get this message:
    " mounting on /images failed: connection refused. " (where is the ip address of fogserver in subnet 1, I suppose that this address should be
    However, if I try to mount /images or /images/dev from second subnet, it is working ok, I can browse files.

    Any thought would be appreciated.


  • @Uncle-Frank

    Hi Unkle frank,

    I haven’t yet looked deeply at location plugin, I will test that sooner. Maybe you can set this thread as solved, because answers given here are clear enough, and only tests will give me a definitive answer.


  • Moderator

    @kris Have you looked into using the location plugin yet? General information in the wiki and an interesting post about using the plugin on a big scale

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Hi wayne Workman,

    I read your last post, but I’m not sure that I understand well, and I need to get documentation about ‘location plugin’.
    By creating a second storage node , do you mean that I need another machine, or this is done on same machine( main fog server), with different parameters?
    Why setting this ‘new’ storage node as a master node?
    Maybe some questions are irrelevant, but I still not understand how it works.


  • I still think that if you treat each interface as it’s own storage node in it’s own group /w using the location plugin, it’d work just fine.

  • @Uncle-Frank

    Hi Uncle Frank,

    The main reason for not using storage nodes would be to maintain just one server, mainly because our network has multiple subnets(15 or more). However, images downloads seldom needs to be launched simultaneously over all subnets, hence load on main server is not a problem in most cases. Dive into the code would be a good choice, but sadly, I do not have enough time right now.


  • Moderator

    AFAIK this is impossible to configure with FOG. I think it could be done if you are keen enough to dive into the code. But why not use a storage node??

  • Create a second storage node for the existing local storage location, and use the location plugin.

    You’d just basically copy everything in the storage node you have, but change the IP to the one on the other network.

    You’d put this new node in its very own storage group, make it a master node.

    Then you’d use the location plugin to define locations for the “Two” storage nodes. The way this works is we are going to make fog handle the two different IP address like they are each their own thing, when in fact they are connected to the same server.

    After installing the location plugin and configuring it properly for each of the “Two” storage nodes, you’d then configure locations for all the clients. You can use groups to do this in mass.

    You will also need to basically duplicate each image “definition” you have, recreating it but with the new storage node assigned.

    Keep in mind, both of these “Storage nodes” use the same data. You would only have one copy of the images, in only one directory.

    Above is instructions on how to accomplish what you are doing using FOG Trunk.

    I don’t know how to do it in FOG 1.2.0, sorry.

    here is information on updating to Trunk:

    Let us know if you have questions. If you get it working, please elaborate on your experience.