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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been working on implementing Fog into our network this summer and have a few questions/issues about the Location plugin.

    Our network consists of two rings with ~12 buildings on each. Each building is its own subnet and has L3 access to all of the other buildings across both rings. Currently we have one Fog server in place and are sending all clients to this server for imaging (including TFTP/PXE, DHCP is coming from Windows servers). Ideally we would like to have one Fog server on each ring and have clients go to a specific Fog server depending on their location. It sounds like the Location plugin will allow us to do this. Simply putting in more storage nodes doesn’t sound like it will accomplish what we want since clients can image from any of the nodes then (we do not want traffic to cross between the rings except for the Fog client traffic for AD joins, etc.).

    I set up a new Fog server (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Fog 1.1.2) on the second ring. It’s working just fine - I can register hosts to it (provided they are sitting in a subnet with the PXE IP pointing to this second server), upload images, download images, etc. This server is running as a master - it’s not a storage node connected to the first Fog server.

    I installed the Location plugin on this second Fog server but it doesn’t seem to be working. When I go to any of the three pages under the plugin (search, list all, create), I just get a blank page. The standard Fog UI shows, but nothing where the plugin should be.

    Any ideas? It’d be great to know if there are any other solutions to setting up our Fog network as I described above, or getting some help with the Location plugin (if that is in fact what we should be using).



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    Thanks for the explanation Lee. Sounds like the Location plugin along with the TFTP from Node option is what we want. I hope to put this into production later today.

    Thanks again!


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    from ur description above about keeping traffic going across “rings” to a minimum you will want to enable tftp from node then… only thing you can’t “control” with location is the snapins but there are ways… we have 25 sites across the country and only traffic is initial tftp request, snapin script and a few db queries everything else is local to the site 🙂 so you’re talking mbs if not kbs of traffic 🙂

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    the tftp from node is basically the same methodology as the imagin it reports to main server for the initial tftp but the init and kernel it downloads from the local node so 20MB doesn’t come from the main server but locally 🙂 the location plugin is intended for you to be able to manage where the image comes from as storage nodes are designed as load balancing where the location plugin “directs” the traffic. so you can tell the host by location which node to get it’s image from. simplistic setup is:-

    Setup a location for each location/node so
    For Remote Location 1.

    Create a Location Definition Called: Remote Location 1
    Add the storage node for Remote Location 1 to that Location
    and when you want the host to image from Remote Location 1 under host choose Remote Location 1 under host then deploy 🙂

    This way keeps it “centralised” so you only need 1 Main Server, 1 SQL database etc etc but get the ability to do “local” imaging for that remote site

    Hope this makes sense

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    That did the trick!

    For the option “TFTP from node”, will this do anything if we’re not using DHCP through the Fog servers? We’d like to have TFTP enabled on both servers, the second one being a storage node though.

  • No it’s not.

    Can you try downloading the trunk’s FOGPageManager?

    [code]wget -O /var/www/fog/lib/fog/FOGPageManager.class.php https://svn.code.sf.net/p/freeghost/code/trunk/packages/web/lib/fog/FOGPageManager.class.php[/code]

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    I’ve tried that multiple times on both of our Fog servers. Is it required to already have a second storage node added for the plugin to function?

  • Can you try removing the plugin and try installing it again?

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    Under “Activate Plugins”, Location is no longer listed. It’s listed under “Installed Plugins”. When I click it, I only get the plugin description. When I click the Location icon along the top Fog menu, I get blank pages.



  • You went to plugins, went to activate plugins and clicked the location plugin. It removed from the plugin list on that page right?

    Did you then click on installed plugins, then click location and finish installing it?

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