Delete old surplus hosts from FOG?

  • Is there a date stamp in the DB that will show the last time the host checked in with the FOG server? Or is there another way to delete old hosts en masse?

  • I’m not using FOG in association with AD. So I can’t help you with this. Maybe you can find some advice in the FOG Wiki or in the forums.

  • Developer

    what about something that queries AD? maybe query the hostname in AD, if it can’t find it, delete it from FOG… something that run on a cycle.

    I’m looking at a way to manage the host list now too, let me know which root you take 🙂

  • You can disable the host lookup by going to Other Information > FOG Settings and setting the value of [FONT=arial]"[COLOR=#333333]FOG_HOST_LOOKUP" to 0.[/COLOR][/FONT]

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  • Hello Chad and Team,

    Today i saw a strange issue. I upgraded my fog version from 0.28 to 0.31.
    I have hardly cloned 500 machine from this server.
    When i clicked on List All Hosts, it’s showing about 21,303 hosts, and it started pinging them
    and finally browser goes in hang state.

    Can you suggest me any alternate solution to delete this hosts, as even i cant move them to group and delete the group.
    Our most of the work had stacked because of this.

  • I use BGInfo (google it) to record to a DB for other reasons, but this can help.
    You can lookup a host and see then it was last used.

  • (In Fog 0.31) I usually delete unwanted hosts by first creating a group, adding the unwanted hosts to that group, and then deleting it and it’s associated hosts. HTH


  • Moderator

    There is the ping/hostname resolve that happens in the web UI, which might be useful if it was modified to update that information in the database. Maybe in Fog 0.33, when we can create custom pages easier, something like this can be setup.

    There might be something available if you use the Auto Log-Out feature. I do not, so I can’t see what kind of data is being stored in the table.

  • There’s hosts.hostCreateDate or inventory.iCreateDate to see creation dates but, I’m not seeing anything about the last time the FOG client checked in …maybe you could infer it from userTracking.utDateTime?