• Is there a way to change the fog server name from “fog-server” to a custom name?

  • Thank you for your suggestions. We will test and report back.

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    @LJedi @BigT Sorry for not stepping in sooner, it has been a pretty hectic week / month for me.

    @Wayne-Workman is correct. Assuming you never changed the webroot of your fog server (that is, if it is still x.x.x.x/fog to access via a browser) then you can simply do this

    msiexec /i FOGService.msi /quiet WEBADDRESS="x.x.x.x"

    Where x.x.x.x is your fog server ip / DNS name

    When it comes to the registry entry you should be able to alter it in there, however to err on the side of caution this above method is best.

  • @BigT @LJedi
    Also, you can use this method:

    msiexec /i FOGService.msi /quiet WEBADDRESS="" WEBROOT=""

    In Group policy, you should be able to provide arguments to the MSI. If you have problems with that, you can always deploy it via a startup script.

    This example was taken from the New Client Progress thread here: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/4250/new-client-progress/105

    And so you know, @Jbob is the New Client developer, so be sure to send a large thank-you his way for making such an awesome client that works 100% on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX and is a bazillion times more secure and reliable.

    Also, I am unsure about the method that @Uncle-Frank proposed - simply because I know a lot of encryption-related things happen when the new client gets installed… simply changing the web address via the registery might not work. @Jbob will have to confirm or deny this.

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    Server name / IP of your FOG server is stored in the registry (new client) or in a text file (old client). From the screenshot it looks like you are using the new client. So check out this reg-key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\FOG (hope I got this right from memory…)

  • I work with LJedi. Not sure if i can help clarify what we are trying to do here.

    We are trying to deploy the Fog Client Service automatically through Group Policy. Since each of our sites has its own Fog Server, we want the install in Location A to have the ServerA name and the install in Location B to reflect the ServerB name.

    We are able to change the server name when we manually install the Fog Client but we do not see a way to push that change when trying to push the install via GP.

  • @LJedi fog-server is just a default value. You may change that field to whatever you want. The name or a static IP address is acceptable.

  • For the “New Fog Client Service” which is an MSI, going though the MSI for server adress it has it by default as “fog-server” and not the reflected name change. With me changing the server name, will the default name on the MSI change also?


  • @LJedi During the client’s installation, you specify the name/IP to use. It doesn’t come built into the client.

  • Thanks. After I change the host name of the server and download the new client, will that new client reflect the name change?

  • @LJedi
    sudo hostname your-new-name

    Also, if you installed the FOG Legacy Client and used the fog server’s hostname instead of the IP, you’ll have to either:
    A. reinstall all the clients to point to the new hostname or IP
    B. create a static DNS A record to point the old hostname to the correct IP.

  • I am using Kubuntu for the server.

  • Yup. What distribution of Linux are you using?