Import dd image as raw image ??

  • I’ve been using dd to take/put images onto a super old Dell Dimension 8200 - it doesn’t support network booting even with the latest BIOS update (released in 2002). Can I put it straight into the /images directory with a name and define an image definition type of RAW?

    Isn’t partclone based on dd but basically with added file system support?

    More about the machine, I’m building a network access control appliance. I’ve got two 1Gbps realtek cards that give a menu after BIOS goes through post and they give the option to boot from network - but I haven’t tried it yet… I threw out the IDE drives and put in one of these puppies with an 8GB SD-Card, it works really well.

  • @Junkhacker I tried to build a custom USB boot drive for FOG a while back using several potential methods. I fear I simply just don’t know enough about the technologies and projects I was trying to use to get them to work right.

    Simply using an image prepared by someone else WOULD WORK - but I’d really like to make my own.

    @Uncle-Frank Thank you for the link!

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    When you configure ‘RAW image’ FOG uses partclone.imager

    See Tom’s post here:

    … partclone.imager which takes a dd copy of the drive …

    You should be able to configure that image as RAW and use your dd image files with that. Hope you get the naming correct.

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    does booting into ipxe from a usb drive not work for you?