SOLVED Hosts being randomly deleted from hostsMAC table..

  • At least, that’s what it looks to be happening. This only started when upgraded for the first time in a while (and now again to 4666) - or perhaps its the client having been updated.

    So when it started, it was around maybe 30 or so hosts started saying they weren’t registered, but couldn’t be re-registered as the hostname was invalid. However, they exist in the hosts table still…

    The hosts seemed to all be PCs that have been on and are being used, but I have no idea why they’re doing it. I decided to just drop the entire hosts and hostsMAC tables (and anything else that has reference to hostIDs) and reimport the hostlist from CSV, before adding all hosts to a task to get their hardware inventory.

    …and now about 70 of the PCs are doing this. Its very patchy but I am wondering if all hosts will do it, if we turn all the PCs on.

    While I look into it myself, has anyone else had this issue? As a possibile lead - I do have a MAC address filter set to filter out virtual mac addresses, if that could have anything to do with it (the mac address would form part of the host string…)

  • Developer

    this problem is believed to be resolved now, thank you for the bug report.