UNSOLVED Fog update - Win 10 & Material fix ?

  • Hi everyone !

    First of all, thanks for creating Fog, it’s very useful for our company 🙂

    But recently, we bought a set of 30 Lenovo computer on which Fog doesn’t work…
    I found a topic with the same problem (it was not solved) and I was wondering if, with the new Win 10, you were going to update Fog and if this update might fix those materials problem ? If you have, at least, and idea of why it’s doing this with certain type of computer of course !

    We are using fog on a lot of computer (handmade), and we would like to be able to use it on those new computers… My boss wants me to search for something else, but I’m pretty sure it can be fixed !

    Thanks for this soft, and keep up the great work !

  • Senior Developer

    We might be able to help you make FOG run with you Lenovos but you’ll have to provide more information first.

    What kind of Lenovo is it? Model number? or at least the exact name/number and model of the network card used in those machines?

    And please provide more information about what is problem or error you see? We cannot help you if we don’t know what exactly is going wrong!

    Which topic did you read? URL?

  • We will, if it works 😉 😄

  • @FelixMR Also - since you work for a company that produces revenue, please donate to the FOG Project. See my signature for details. 🙂

  • I’ll have a look tomorrow, thanks for the tip, I’ll tell you what happen !

  • Developer

    a new version of fog is under development with lots of bug fixes and feature improvements and additions. if you have the time and resources available, i recommend you give the development trunk version a try. https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Upgrade_to_trunk