SOLVED Quick or Full Inventory then Restart or Shutdown option

  • Does anyone know if this is possible or where I can adjust the setting?

    Whenever i’m setting up new computers - my processes has been:

    1. Boot up computer, go into bios
    2. Adjust bios settings, restart
    3. Boot to NIC, quick inventory
    4. Hard shut off machine
    5. Go to Fog hosts, assign image, create task to download image
    6. Boot to NIC, image deploys

    After the inventorying the computer just boots right into windows where the manufacturer’s sysprep takes place. I would then need to either hard shut down and reboot into NIC or else go through sysprep to properly shutdown. It’s a step that’s taking some time and I rather after it inventories, it would just restart or shutdown and await for next instruction.

    Could someone chime in where the settings are for this?


  • @Wolfbane8653 Exactly what I was looking for, a list! Thank you!

  • Developer

    I hope this helps a bit to understand the commands you can use in the new ipxe menu in 1.3.0.

  • Developer

    mode= autoreg is the parameter used to run the quick registration script
    shutdown=1 is the parameter set when you check the “Schedule Shutdown after task completion” checkbox when you create a download or upload task from the fog web interface

  • @Junkhacker You’re amazing.

    Is there a list of options we can use anywhere? This is the first time I remember seeing stuff like shutdown=1 and mode=autoreg I’m wondering what others there are…

  • Developer

    or perhaps a “quick register and shutdown” ?
    if you are running the trunk version of fog you can add a new item to the ipxe menu by clicking “iPXE New Menu Entry” in “fog configuration”
    in that area you can create a new entry with the following values
    Menu Item:
    Description: Quick register and Shutdown
    Parameters: <leave this blank>
    Boot Options: mode=autoreg shutdown=1
    Default Item: <unchecked>
    Menu Show with: Not Registered Hosts
    that should shut the computer down after quick registration. let me know if it doesn’t work for you

  • @koshia Yeah I think you just missed telling it to boot to the network.

    The feature works good. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

    I suppose we need an additional feature… Perhaps just a simple modification to “quick image” that will ask yes or no for registering, with the default being “No.” (because quick image is supposed to be quick). If “yes” is chosen, the machine should quick-register.

    Just an idea. @Developers

  • @WayneGood

    Thanks Wayne, that actually will work just fine for inventorying. I went through and added the host, but after the inventorying was done, it just booted right into Windows - obviously I think I missed the timing to select manual boot into NIC and it went straight to the Windows Sysprep setup.

    Appreciate the help!

  • @koshia

    If you’d just use “Full Host Registration” - you can name the computer, assign it an image and then schedule an image task all during registration. Then when it reboots and you tell it to boot to the network again, it will image and then name the computer for you.

    That’s my suggestion.

    Or, update to FOG Trunk, and make use of the “quick image” feature which does not require registering. Here is information on FOG Trunk: