UNSOLVED Partition not expanding to fill disk when Downloading

  • I am running SVN 4290 on Ubuntu 14.04.

    I was running svn 35?? and not having any issues. Two days ago I updated to 4290 and the two systems I have imaged since required me to go into Disk Management and expand the main partition.

    What do I need to look at to fix this?

  • It depends on where and how you want to focus your effort.

    I already have extensive scripting and sysprep solutions for our deployments, much of which FOG can’t touch or isn’t built for, so it’s easier for me to use Microsoft’s existing tools then it is to look for a solution elsewhere.

  • I will update to the latest SVN.

    I have a generic syspreped image that I use for my imaging and as I said everything was fine before I had updated FOG, I didn’t need to add anything extra.

  • You can also use sysprep to expand the system partition, or a simple setupcomplete.cmd script to expand using a diskpart script.

  • Developer

    two if’s here…

    if you were on the latest svn right before svn went down or used a git during that time
    if you uploaded an image on those svn/git builds then your freshly downloaded host may not resize correctly. It was even reported that some would resize correctly while others did not. This was a little glitch in the uploaded images.

    SO TO FIX:
    upgrade to latest svn/git then re-upload that particular image. Then your downloaded hosts will resize correctly.

  • I’d say update again. That’s honestly your best bet.

    Maybe a week and a half ago - perhaps two weeks ago - I updated to the latest at work and I did notice an occasional client that didn’t expand the OS partition properly. I’ve since updated and although I haven’t done any MAJOR imaging, I haven’t seen the issue since.

    I imaged roughly 450 computers this summer lol. I used various versions of FOG Trunk to get that done. I’d grind my teath when I got outdated… my co-worker doesn’t like when I update during critical times… then we’d hit a road block and I’d update and then work towards a fix lol.

    Honestly, and absolutely no disrespect to the @Developers whatsoever, resize issues come and go it seems like. When you see an issue with that, just update update update till it goes away. —ALSO be sure to report it here so it gets fixed, because it’s entirely possible to go unnoticed for a few revisions. You have to bring it to the developer’s attention.