WiKi bug - embedded articles don't update right.

  • Hey,

    I was messing around with the Troubleshoot TFTP article, adding the TCPDump article into a new “troubleshooting” section I just put together.

    I’m using this to embed articles into other articles:
    [CODE]{{:article name here}}[/CODE]

    And that works great,

    But then I went and edited the TCPDump article a little, then came back to the Troubleshoot TFTP article… and my changes did not appear in the embedded article?!?

    I removed my curly braces, saved, and re-added them and the embedded article did update… but this is a real concern because I will NEVER remember where every embed is located and I can’t go around doing this for each article…

    So… bug report. Can we make it so the embedded articles auto-update?

  • A refresh / update once per day would probably be fine.

    But thanks for fixing this, Tom.

  • Senior Developer

    I confirmed the problem. But this isn’t a bug, persay. Rather there’s two variables. First I set a crontab to refresh the page cache stored on the server every 10 minutes, though that seems a bit extreme. I also set a crontab for re-running article updates on all pages every 5 minutes. So this should be fixed. Those are both, in my eyes, one in the same.

    However, the other component is your browser cache. If you wait the 5/10 minutes, and you refresh and still see the problem, run a SHIFT or CTRL F5 to hard refresh and force the browser to reload its own cache.

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