• This will sound crazy… but… it’s how it is here…

    In each building, we have an academic domain. The building techs take care of those (I’m one of those techs).

    We also have an administrative domain, and admin computers in all buildings are connected to this.

    This issue just arose today, but I’m imaging an admin PC and I have to bind it to the admin domain manually because I don’t wanna rip out my buildings domain credentials from FOG.

    So… this might not even be feasible but,
    Is there any way that FOG can support multiple domains / credentials for joining to those domains?

    Sorry to be a pain in your @**, and if it’s too hard, don’t worry about it.

  • Bumping this thread… Running into the multiple domain thing again at work…

    Just read through Tom’s reply… seems sorta confusing but I’ll give it a shot but I don’t think it will work.

    Two or more domains in one environment also means two or more users / passwords for domain joining in an environment…

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    Hi Tom,

    Thank’s for that usefull option ! Where is that tips in the Wikipedia ? 😛

    Idea :
    Is that possible to only display in the dropdown menu the first OU indicate in the text.


    In the drop down :



  • I may make a similar methodology as I do for giving the OU dropdowns a shot.

    For those of you just tuning in, FOG, since 1.2.0 at least, has a pretty sweet option.

    From FOG Configuration->FOG Settings->Active Directory Defaults you update your AD information which get’s pulled on a host when you click the checkbox or say yes during registration. This is pretty well known about. However, With the release of 1.2.0 (Maybe earlier even?) we added the ability to make the OU a dropdown box. Mostly this is for ease as having to type an OU is pretty confusing, especially if you have to do so on a per-host setup.

    The way the OU currently can operate:

    1. Text
      – This is simple text as FOG is already Known About
    2. Select Box (Drop Down Selector)
      – This is how you can associate multiple OU’s for selection to other hosts.

    We all know the original Text field, and this is still the case on the FOG Configuration Page. To make a dropdown:

    1. Go to where FOG_AD_DEFAULT_OU is set.
    2. Make a list of your OU’s you want to allow association with.
    3. Create the Associations in the FOG_AD_DEFAULT_OU field.
    4. Choose either host or group and set the desired OU based on the Drop down.

    To create the dropdown, the OU field accepts two delimeters.

    First delimeter is the | (Pipe) symbol. This is how you separate each OU. For example

    The above example would give a drop down that looks like:

    The second delimeter is the ; (Semicolon) symbol. This is how you distinguish the default selected item. If I make the ou field set to:
    THe above example would give a dropdown that looks like:

    It’s important to note that the ; and | goes after the field. You can place blank spots, and you, technically, can place multiple semicolons. However, the multiple semicolons may confuse things down the road.

    A similar approach to this field could be adapted to domain, user, password fields as well.

  • I realize I can individually edit the host properties for the alternative domain… was just wanting a default field that auto-populates. Like a drop down menu or something in the hosts/groups page. And be able to have multiple domains/credentials in the FOG Configuration -> Active Directory section.