• I see from the mac site it says mac is supported. Is that true you can install on mac?

    Also I see you have prefigured VM’s from vbox. But there using an older version. Is there a way to get one with a new version?

  • Installing on a Mac is possible, but I would never do it personally. It’d actually be easier to just install it on RHEL or CentOS or Fedora.

    I’ve written very intensely detailed installation on Fedora 21 workstation, you’ll find it in the WiKi.

    The VM’s do need updated. I think everyone’s holding off on that till 1.3.0 is released. That release is sort of going to be a mile-stone for FOG.

  • Developer

    FOG server has only been reported to be installed on a MAC but a tutorial has not been made. As far as imaging on MAC’s this has been accomplished. See wiki for more information. [url]http://fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/FOG_on_a_MAC[/url]

    We are not releasing VM’s with FOG server at this time. If you wish to have a FOG server VM, follow the wiki manual for installing FOG server. In your case you will just need to install it on a VM. Make sure you are using a bridged network connection in your VM settings.