Dell D-505 is not posible to image in FOG server version 1.2.0 with SVN: 3306, kernel 1.18.4 x86

  • FOG server version 1.2.0 with SVN: 3306, kernel 1.18.4 x86 on Ubuntu Desktop 13.10 i386 32 bits with latest updates.

    I am trying to image a Windows XP Professional SP3 32 bits on DELL D-505 but when PXE boot begins, appear someting similar like “Illegal Instruction” (before starting imaging) and then enters into a loop and not works.

    Any help will be very useful. Thanks!

  • Sorry, with latest SVN installed is not working, too.
    key when database is updated/installed.

    • Setting up storage…OK
    • Setting up and starting DHCP Server…OK
    • Setting up and starting TFTP and PXE Servers…OK
    • Setting up and starting VSFTP Server…OK
    • Setting up sudo settings…OK
    • Setting up FOG Snapins…OK
    • Setting up and building UDPCast…OK
    • Installing init scripts…OK
    • Setting up FOG Services…OK
    • Setting up FOG Utils…OK
    • Starting FOG Multicast Management Server…OK
    • Starting FOG Image Replicator Server…OK
    • Starting FOG Task Scheduler Server…OK
    • Starting FOG Snapin Replicator Server…OK
    • Configuring Fresh Clam…OK
    • Setting up and starting NFS Server…OK

    Setup complete!

    You can now login to the FOG Management Portal using
    the information listed below. The login information
    is only if this is the first install.

    This can be done by opening a web browser and going to:
      Default User:
            Username: fog
            Password: password

    1 and 2), showing the problem. I think that the issue is when shows “Illegal Instruction” and then tries to image.

  • Developer

    @ToniCapablo, post: 46317, member: 28636 said:

    Sorry, with the latest update of SVN 3316 it works.

    Thank you!

    I see that you kernel list is fixed. How about imaging this D505?

  • Developer

    Please update to the latest svn. Tom has discovered that Uploading scripting issue in revisions r3301-r3314.
    Please also upload your install log after the update. It is located at /var/log/foginstall.log

  • Developer

    [INDENT=1] [/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]I have a FOG server 1.2.0 latest SVN and kernel update of Linux image with Ubuntu 13.10. I have no way to create an image of a laptop Latitude D505 with XP installed.[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]When it runs the upload task, appears something similar like this:[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]“Fail in Line 17” at “…fog/scripts/bin/fog.statusreporter”[/INDENT]

    [INDENT=1] [/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1] [/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]When the Linux image tries to boot and I see the differents commands running appears a line with “Illegal instruction”.[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1] [/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]But I do not understand. You say that a D505 with 1.2.0 it works (so with 1.2.0 with latest SVN would work, right?).[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1] [/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]I will wait for answers, if posible. Thank you very much[/INDENT]

    [INDENT=1] [/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1] [/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]I have installed the latest: 3264 (I usually update).[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1] [/INDENT]

    [INDENT=1]Hi Tom & All People![/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1] [/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]I have updated my FOG server to this kernel (Unofficial Kernel):[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1] [/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]Unofficial Published Kernels[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]Kernel - 3.18.4 TomElliott[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]Date : January 30, 2015[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]Version: 3.18.4[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]FOG Type: TomElliott[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]Arch Type: (x86)[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1] [/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]And does not work, too. Today I have updated to the latest SVN update (3306) and I have found this when I see the kernels available, too:[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1] [/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]Thank you for your replies![/INDENT]

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