SOLVED Hosts not searchable (Sporadic results)

  • This issue is very sporadic in that it doesn’t happen often but when it does it causes problems. Some machines are added perfectly fine. But the minute I go to a different page and then try and find the machine again I am unable to find the machine at all, neither through the entire host list or by searching. The machine is in the database and shows no issues. For some reason it is unsearchable in FOG.

  • Just remember, hostnames cannot contain spaces as @jamesb found out.

  • Normally this is true, but this was a very unique test machine that we started to use to create images and we wanted the name to stand out.

  • Testers

    Most of us have never seen this because having a host name with a space in it is against best practices under most OS’s.

  • Moderator

    Great that you found it yourself. Another example for why we wouldn’t be able to find a solution as we didn’t know about the hostnames you use…
    Thanks for reporting back!!

  • I finally found out why FOG is not able to find my new machine when I enter it in. Apparently FOG does not like spaces in it’s host names. I did not know this. If the host name is all one word then fog can search for it just fine. But if you put a space in it FOG will be unable to find it.

  • If I change the mac in fog back to the wired address the old mac pops up again in the pending hosts section.

  • I have noticed something as to what happens but I can’t explain why. After I added a host I imaged it right away. The image completed correctly (it syspreped afterwords) but in fog it said the image was still at 1%. I went to search for the pc name and was unable to find it. However I looked and saw it was in the pending hosts with the wireless mac instead of the wired mac.

  • Moderator

    I am sorry to say this but we won’t be able to find the cause of this and fix it if we/you cannot reproduce the bug! Pay close attention to when and how this happens and report back if you have new findings on this!