Fog problem with lenovo thinkcenter M73

  • Hello !

    I’m new in this forum, i’m french student and i must do one fog server for my school, but i have one problem, our computer (Lenovo thinkcenter m73) don’t boot on the server. I try to update the kernel but I can’t with the web server ( “Error download failed filesize=0” ). I try to change the “bzImage” and with that i have a fog menu while the boot but if I choose an option : nothing and the computer reboot.

    I think it’s not a problem with the proxy, or a problem with the network configuration because It works on a virtual machine with the same computer 😕.

    Help me !
    I’m sorry for my bad english, I’m french !
    Thank you in advance ! 🙂
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    Give ipxe.efi a try but I have a feeling that it will fail!! You better try to change the BIOS settings to legacy mode and use undionly.kpxe (see in the WorkingDevices list…)

  • [quote=“ch3i, post: 44891, member: 2513”]I think : Thinkcenter M73 😛

    Edit : The [B]M73z[/B] is in Working Devices of the wiki : [url][/url][/quote]

    Right, but his ipxe.efi isn’t present inside /tftpboot

    EDIT: lol, the model name is in the thread title. Duh.

  • Just tested this and it appears to work:
    [CODE]sudo wget -O /tftpboot/ipxe.efi[/CODE]

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    [quote=“Wayne Workman, post: 44879, member: 28155”]
    Also, what is the model of the problem Lenovo?[/quote]

    I think : Thinkcenter M73 😛

    Edit : The [B]M73z[/B] is in Working Devices of the wiki : [url][/url]

  • this might do it:

    [CODE]sudo wget ‐‐continue ‐‐timestamping -O /tftpboot/ipxe.efi[/CODE]

    Otherwise, manually download the ipxe.efi file and put it into the /tftpboot directory.
    The file is here:

  • My problem with Lenovo thinkcenter M73, i can’t boot on fog with it… i have one dash and it’s all

  • [U]DHCPD.conf:[/U]

    [I][B]# DHCP Server Configuration file.[/B][/I]
    [I][B]# see /usr/share/doc/dhcp*/dhcpd.conf.sample[/B][/I]
    [I][B]# This file was created by FOG[/B][/I]
    [I][B]use-host-decl-names on;[/B][/I]
    [I][B]ddns-update-style interim;[/B][/I]
    [I][B]ignore client-updates;[/B][/I]

    [I][B]subnet netmask {[/B][/I]
    [I][B] option subnet-mask;[/B][/I]
    [I][B] range dynamic-bootp;[/B][/I]
    [I][B] default-lease-time 21600;[/B][/I]
    [I][B] max-lease-time 43200;[/B][/I]
    [I][B] option domain-name-servers;[/B][/I]
    [I][B] option routers;[/B][/I]
    [I][B] filename “ipxe.efi”;[/B][/I]

    And in /tftpboot directory I don’t have “ipxe.efi” :

    [B][I]root@pxeb03:/tftpboot# ls
    boot.txt ipxe.krn snponly.efi undionly.pxe
    default.ipxe ipxe.pxe undionly.kkpxe vesamenu.c32
    ipxe.kkpxe memdisk undionly.kpxe
    ipxe.kpxe pxelinux.0.old undionly.kpxe.INTEL[/I][/B]

  • Please post your dhcpd.conf file here so we can take a look at it.

    Also, look inside your /tftpboot directory and verify that the file is actually there.

    Also, what is the model of the problem Lenovo?

  • Hello again !

    I try to change filename in dhcpd.conf and while the boot i have this message :

    [B][I] TFTP.[/I][/B]
    [B][I] PXE-T01: file not found[/I][/B]
    [B][I] PXE-E3B: TFTP Error - File not found[/I][/B]
    [B][I] PXE-M0F : Exiting PXE ROM[/I][/B]

    My database it’s okay ;), the server works with other computer, but just with Lenovo.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Okay thank you, I try it monday and I tell if it work ! 🙂

  • Also, the others above this post are correct, that is not the end of your installation log.

    When you see this:
    [CODE]You still need to install/update your database schema.
    This can be done by opening a web browser and going to:
    Press [Enter] key when database is updated/installed.[/CODE]

    That means you should use a web browser and go to this address:
    and click on the “Update Database” button.
    After doing that, then you would press [Enter] for the installer.

    After you’ve re-ran the installer, please give us your entire installation log.

    We use this log to help troubleshoot problems.

  • I believe the Thinkcentre M73 uses UEFI booting by default.

    Your installation log indicates you’re using FOG for DHCP.

    UEFI enabled systems generally use ipxe.efi to boot with.

    You can set option 067 to point to ipxe.efi and then try to network boot the Thinkcentre M73.

    The settings are in this file: /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf

    You would change
    [CODE]filename “undionly.kpxe”; [/CODE]
    [CODE]filename “ipxe.efi”; [/CODE]

    Or, you can try to disable UEFI and enable legacy boot, and PXE boot in the BIOS on the Thinkcentre M73.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • I am very grateful for your help

  • I’m already re installed FOG and nothing but all computer work with this server but just our Lenovo thinkcenter M73. My problem is with Lenovo think center M73.

  • Developer

    That is not the finish of the script. It should end with:
    [CODE] * Setting up and starting MySql…OK

    • Backing up user reports…OK

    • Setting up and starting Apache Web Server…OK

    • Changing permissions on apache log files…OK

    • Downloading kernels and inits…OK

    • Downloading New FOG Client file…OK

    • Copying back any custom hook files…OK

    • Copying back any custom report files…OK
      You still need to install/update your database schema.
      This can be done by opening a web browser and going to:

    Press [Enter] key when database is updated/installed.

    • Setting up storage…OK
    • Setting up and starting DHCP Server…Skipped
    • Setting up and starting TFTP and PXE Servers…OK
    • Setting up and starting VSFTP Server…OK
    • Setting up sudo settings…OK
    • Setting up FOG Snapins…OK
    • Setting up and building UDPCast…OK
    • Installing init scripts…OK
    • Setting up FOG Services…OK
    • Setting up FOG Utils…OK
    • Starting FOG Multicast Management Server…OK
    • Starting FOG Image Replicator Server…OK
    • Starting FOG Task Scheduler Server…OK
    • Starting FOG Snapin Replicator Server…OK
    • Configuring Fresh Clam…OK
    • Setting up and starting NFS Server…OK

    Setup complete!

    You can now login to the FOG Management Portal using
    the information listed below. The login information
    is only if this is the first install.

    This can be done by opening a web browser and going to:
      Default User:
            Username: fog
            Password: password


  • Based on what I’m reading, the information did not get installed.

    It looks like instead of typing the [Enter] key, somebody pressed the ^C (CTRL + C) which breaks the script.

    Google Translate:
    Sur la base de ce que je lis, l’information ne est pas installé.

    Il ressemble au lieu de taper sur la touche [Entrée], quelqu’un a appuyé sur le ^ C (CTRL + C) qui rompt le script.

  • I think my installation was finish because i have :

    [I] Press [Enter] key when database is updated/installed.^C[/I]
    [I]Script finish sur jeu. 26 mars 2015 14:58:43 CET[/I]

  • Developer

    If this is where your install log stops you did not finish the install completely. Please re-install and follow the directions for the web schema update. Then finish the install script.

    Google Translate:
    Si ce est là votre journal de l’installation se arrête, vous ne avez pas terminé complètement l’installation. Se il vous plaît ré-installer et suivez les instructions pour la mise à jour du schéma web. Puis terminer le script d’installation.

  • [B]And my error logs :[/B]

    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/1/1817_FOG error.log.txt?:"]FOG error.log.txt[/url]