Is it possible to adjust the size that a resizable image is resized to?

  • Hello, I’m using Fog 1.2. I find the resizable image type very useful when deploying single partition images to drives of different sizes. But there are times when it would be useful to be able to leave some space on the drive after the image has been deployed. Is there any straightforward way to adjust the size that the newly created partition is resized to?

  • Moderator

    You could use a startup script in windows to check the available space and extend the partition by an amount if you wanted to.

  • What if some of the drives in… say… a computer lab… have different models of hard drives? Maybe one was replaced, a different size was used, maybe even a smaller size than the original.

    If there was a setting for this, it should apply to hosts only, not groups. I [U]think[/U].

  • Developer

    So are you saying you don’t want to expand the partition to the end of the disk?

    Instead (for example) you only want to add (lets say) 50 gb to the partition after imaging?