• I registered a new host. Then I set an upload task on this host.

    The machine booted into fog, but then says the host is unregistered. I go to register the host, and it tells me it is already registered. So I can’t complete the upload task.

    I deleted the host on the web gui, and re-registered it, and it did the same thing.

    I have fog’d several machines with no problem, not sure of the issue.

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    You can configure several MAC addresses for one host! Maybe that helps…?

  • Also, this thread may help:


    it’s about hosts with multiple NICs.

  • This probably isn’t ideal or pretty but I think it’ll work…

    Manually create TWO hosts in the Web GUI… one for each MAC address. Assign your image and whatever other settings you need for BOTH of those MAC addresses. Try to image using one of those hosts at a time, see what happens. make note of which one works, don’t delete the other.

    Another more experienced user might fly in and save the day with some brilliant schnazz so if you want to wait on it for a better answer, that’s cool too.

  • Yes it has two nics and a 10gb nic as well.

  • This host is a PC? If so, open a command prompt.

    You can get a list of all MAC addresses using


    You can also right click on the adapter using the GUI, and go to status to see the MAC address.

    Write that MAC down.

    See if it’s in the FOG database already.

    Does this computer have more than one NIC ?