Snapins not working unless fog service is reinstalled

  • We upgraded from 0.32 to 1.2 and snapins are working only for machines with the new fog client service, is this expected behavior? Is there any method to have it tell these clients to update?

  • I have several hundred machines, so reimaging them all is out. I am trying to update the various DLLs and see where that gets me.

  • Testers

    I had this issue on some of my older images where I had an older version of the fog client built into the image but it auto updates and starts deploying snapins after a reboot. The two solutions are update your image or just restart the service after the fog.log says update complete pending restart.

  • I am not sure what you mean by every time.
    We upgraded fog and any machine we reboot the snapin service works fine. Any machine not rebooted no snapins are deployed. Even simply restarting the fog service on the client resolves the issue. Eventually all the machines will be rebooted and that will have solved the issue. It is simply unexpected that we would need to reboot them.

  • Senior Developer

    and this is everytime?

    Maybe put the service into delayed startup?

  • XP, unfortunately.
    As soon as the service is restart either via reboot or net stop and net start it works fine.

  • Developer

    this shouldn’t be necessary. what OS are your clients running?

  • Sorry, I simply should have said only working on machines that we have reinstalled fog client on.

    Upon further testing, the service needs to be restarted to function properly. On every machine that I have restarted the service on, it works fine. Otherwise it never installs the snapin. Perhaps this should be noted in the upgrade notes, or maybe it is due to something we did.

  • Senior Developer

    There is no such thing as new fog client service in 1.2.0.

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