Wireless MAC for Snapins?

  • We use fog to deploy out our 1:1 laptop solution. I just discovered the joy of snapins, and would love to use them. Problem is, our users connect exclusively through wifi, which of course has a different mac address than the NIC used to image with fog.

    Is there a way to allow snapins to deploy to the secondary, wifi MAC instead of only the LAN one? Not only that, but things like domain join, etc, would be fantastic if they worked over wireless. I see in the logs the machine checks in to fog fine, but it checks in using the wifi mac, and therefore sees no jobs.

    I think I’ve worded this right.

  • Developer

    [url]http://<ip[/url] of server>/fog/management/index.php?node=about&sub=mac-list

    is there a approve all macs?

    FYI: Wireless macs show up for hosts if the client is installed. Also to install snapins client must be installed.
    FYI2: New Client will be more useful for snapins and other exciting options.

  • Completely nevermind. I was looking at host that was named incorrectly. I see it now. No mass approval, I assume?

  • Where would I see that? I’m looking a host record now that has been in deployment for 6+ months since it was last imaged, but don’t see an “approve” option.

    Or am I looking in the completely wrong place?

  • Testers

    I believe they will show up automatically on the host record when the client checks in from wireless and you just need to hit the approve button after they show up.

  • Perfect. Now, since I have 900+ hosts in my inventory, I assume theres no way to pull these in automatically?

  • Developer

    hosts can have more then one mac address associated with them. “add mac” button on host page